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Atendimento Online Get Money
Atendimento Online Get Money

Tradition and trust

GetMoney Exchange is a company with more than 20 years of tradition in the market.
Today, with a huge network of stores and accredited foreign correspondents, we offer reliability and safety to our clients, making transactions in a practical and agile way and, we offer personalized support.

Its soundness and its expressive growth are the result of the focus on the expansion of its activities by means of profit reinvestment, contracting of expertise professionals with diversified exposures and the compliance with a strict compliance manual that is adequate to the exchange norms.

Solutions and differentials
GetMoney offers an unique combination of products and services to attend your needs.

• Wide range of currents;
• Pre paid international cards;
• International shipments;
• Currency delivery + Express Exchange;
• Trip insurance;
• Special insurance.


Beyond differentials that make us deliver the best to our costumers and partners.
• Strategic selected comercial points;
• Capacity and continuous colaborator training;
• Needs understandment case by case;
• Comfort and security on transaction and orders;
• Quick services of exchange and currency delivery.


Provide a diversity of exchange solutions, with agility, attention, trust and quality.


Be recognized as the best Exchange Brokerage Company, highlighting in:

• Quality on the attendance
• Client satisfaction
• Professional specialization
• Colaborators motivation
• Security and practicy in our operations



We follow with the normative force of Central Bank, ensuring security to our clients.

Pro-activity and excellence

We act like owner of the business, taking decisions and searching for quick and effective solutions.


We treat our clients, teams and partners with respect, ethic and attention.

Focus on development

We offer to our colaborators conditions to personal and professional development which can add value to all of the team and clients.

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